Celebrate and
promote National
Inclusion Week!

Each year to help you plan your National Inclusion Week events, we create some handy resources for you to download. Our posters are a great way of telling your colleagues what you are doing to celebrate National Inclusion Week. You can also download the National Inclusion Week logo and publish it on your website.

All you need to do to access resources is create an account and download. You will need to be signed in to your account to access downloads.

Free Downloads

  • Poster

    Download and print this poster to put up in offices, depos, warehouses, staff rooms, stations, stores and anywhere else your organsiations operates to spread the word about National Inclusion Week.

  • Tweet Sheet

    The 2017 theme is Connect for Inclusion - connect with us @NationalIncWeek & @IncEmp and spread your inclusion messages by using this tweet sheet.

    Ask colleagues to write about what makes their organisation inclusive, why their colleagues are inclusive or pledge to be more inclusive on this tweet sheet and then take a selfish and send it to us!

  • Quiz

    Download the NIW2017 Quiz and test your colleagues on their diversity and inclusion know-how. Why not print copies of the quiz and put them on staff room tables to encourage conversation and group activities.

  • Answers - Quiz

    Remember to download the answer sheet if you are going to use the quiz!